I don’t really know how to introduce the blog. I’m a crappy writer. I suppose mainly I just wanted to have a place on the web that serves as a repository of ideas and content related to afrofuturism and dope ish.

I’m a physics grad student and founder of a nascent engineering and design firm. I hope to add to the discussion of afrofuturism with an emphasis on technology, design, directed action, and our current state of affairs.

I’ll dive into some math, physics, software development, and engineering to hopefully foster some ideas and projects.


This blog is focusing on an understanding of the future from us folks who are still trying to make our way in the world. With that in mind I believe it’s important to have a sense of the practical. The amazing thing about our time right now, is that practical does not equal less amazing.  This, while not being 100% what I’m talking about, at least puts things in the ballpark.

The Mundane Afrofuturist Manifesto is primarily a philosophical exercise (something I suck at). Many of the materials I’ve found dealing with afrofuturism center around ideas and perspectives. This is where I’d like us (those who contribute to this blog) to differentiate ourselves. No doubt ideas, perspectives, and whatever will be discussed here. This blog would not exist without some sort of discussion of perspectives and ideas. The main thrust, though, is the development of technology to achieve well defined goals and to solve problems (something I suck less at). As a starting point:

  • Computer and information technology has been one of the greatest shapers of society in our time, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.
  • In this globalized world, individual achievement and group self determination is not the same as it was in our parents days and probably won’t be ever again.
  • Technology is becoming more accessible but more complicated to understand on a fundamental level.


These can be good and bad depending on your personal experiences and preferences.

I see opportunity here (out of necessity), but my views are singular, and narrow and I move towards solutions as I see problems.

I will be posting links to projects and whatnot.

Stay tuned.


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